As promised in my short primer last time, we’re about to get started on our journey of really analyzing RNA-Seq data. And just as a side note, this is not another cute little tutorial with a small amount of data to get you started. This is the real deal. Lots of data, real world conditions, and all the big scary problems that come with them.

If you prefer a guided tour, you can watch the video here:

Fist things first, let’s talk about the experiment setup. I have recently become interested in pseudo-genes and in order to come up…

Modernize your bioinformatics workflows and save yourself the headache of managing complicated dependency stacks. All with a free side dish of reproducible research.

Output of the lolcow app used inside a Singularity image
Output of the lolcow app used inside a Singularity image
Using Singularity is simple, especially for people who work on compute clusters. Shown here: Using Singularity to build and run the “lolcow” image.

Installing bioinformatics software is one of those things: sometimes it’s as simple as downloading a binary from the internet or typing conda install, other times it’s a long struggle with source builds, stacks of dependencies and compiler quirks. I should know, I’ve created software that falls into both these categories.

For people who are new to the world of quirky Linux software, it can be a very frustrating experience, trying for hours to install that toolkit and…

Bastian Schiffthaler

Life Science/Genomics/Transcriptomics. PhD in plant molecular biology but please don’t ask me any plant questions

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